What is Intangible ?


Japanese sense the ever-changing nature of life in the short-lived cherry blossom and feel invigorated when admiring the large bloom of the sunflower. Plants that catch our eye are those that flower near to the ground. (Visibility)

We are fascinated by their beauty and vitality and appreciate their value. (Tangible Value)

Spreading underground are the invisible roots that freely support the trunk and from them grow gnarled barbs that take in nutrients and water. (Invisible but Existent)

Elements such as potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium contained in the soil provide invisible energy for the plants to grow. ( IntangiblePower)

Thanks to this “ IntangiblePower”, we can admire the handsome foliage of plants and the natural hues of the petals of flowers.

IntangiblePower” is invisible, but it exists for sure and creates tangible value. This mechanism can be observed in the growth of a human body or development of an organization.

Roses, violets, and dandelions take in energy from nature, spread their arms, and produce beautiful flowers. “ IntangiblePower” is provided equally to all living creatures. Even a rose does not have this power all to itself.

Following the example of plants, we should live wisely seeking the necessary amount of “ IntangiblePower” as required.