The beauty of the moon stands out in the night sky.
Likewise the mysterious glow of the sky by moonlight.
Hence they are complementary beauties.

People like to make others happy. Have you ever asked yourself why? Probably because they find, to their joy, that their reward for trying is a happy face: the energy they emit is absorbed, combusted, and returned.

The term kanno-doko originally comes from Zen teaching and means ‘spiritual and spontaneous communication with Buddha’. But it can be interpreted in many ways. Allow me to give you my own take on it.

Please see the chart above.

For me, kanno-doko describes an interactive energy flow set in motion only when people start communicating with each other with complete candor. It is not too great a leap of logic to imagine that if two full-throttle energy fields meet, the result is a super dynamic energy not limited to the ‘one plus one equals two’ kind but of far greater development and growth.

You will find this Energy Exchange useful, for example, for building better relations between bosses and workers, business partners, family members and friends. But, given the international situation, it is nations especially that need kanno-doko in order to exchange much more energy. The same holds true for the earth and nature.

Here now is the secret to achieving the maximum effect when practising kanno-doko:

●Release the energy horizontally, not vertically.

Understanding that there is no hierarchy of rank is important, because everyone is equal, needing one other.

If energy flows vertically,
it just goes from top to bottom and is lost.

But emitted horizontally,
it reaches into the bosom of others.

‘Do it!’ or ‘Let’s do it’−−a small difference in wording goes a long way in the effective emission of energy.

I would like to help you discover the secret dynamics valuable not only for achieving better relations in the workplace but also for handling bigger issues between nations.