Find your Vision


To have a Vision: that is the key to success in your life.

Vision is the greatest source of energy among the many intangible powers.
Possessing a Vision, you can approach closer and closer to your “desired self.”

On the other hand, if you live without a Vision, you are like someone drifting in a boundless ocean called “life” or trying to reach a destination without a map or compass.

If you say you once had a Vision but have forgotten it now, you might be out of fuel and stalling, getting into trouble.

If you work day in, day out without forgetting the Vision upon which you once fixed, you are like someone enjoying a fun drive, taking the shortest way to the goal.

You are standing at a crossroads in your life.
Having a Vision makes the difference.

Now, let’s start from the question, “What is Vision?”

  • It is the most important standard value of your life
  • It supplies an energy source guiding you to the desired end-result
  • Once chosen, it must be persevered with right to the end
  • It brings you the desired life and has good ripple effects in society
  • It is something you can approach but never grab in your hands
  • It is an intangible that you should pursue throughout your life

Seems difficult? Let me explain simply as follows:

I, the Vision, was born in your heart and now exist over your head, floating like a cloud far from your reach. I am with you always, but sometimes you do forget me because you cannot see me. I have no need of a daily meal, nor do I make any particular demands. All I want from you is to remember me from time to time. If you forget me, I will forsake you once and for all. Normally a sweet person, I am. But beware of the worst!

Give me a nickname. Please do it using the simplest possible word: something old-fashioned, fancy or foreign, one you like the most, and I will be with you always, giving you the energy you need.

If you are having a hard time, call on me anytime, and you will be a strong, new man.

The last laugh is all yours.

Not only that…
Thanks to you, other people can be happy.

Yes, I am invisible like an angel.
But please don’t forget, I am a bottomless source of energy.