To have or not have a Vision:
a fork in the road of your life


We tend to associate the word Vision with business. We might think of it in terms of a “corporate philosophy” or some kind of “strategy for achieving goals”. The true meaning of Vision is often misunderstood in Japan and describing of Vision can often cause confusion.

Just as having a Vision is essential for any organization, so it is an indispensable Value for the individual in his or her pursuit of an imagined self-actualization, a successful and happy life.
“To have a Vision: that is the key to success in your life.”

That is to say, having or not having a Vision makes a world of difference.

Let us cite some specific examples.

Life with a Vision:

  • You can easily attain what you want.
  • You can feel satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • You can easily fix on a plan, having a clear picture of your actions.
  • You never deviate from the course you want to take.
  • You are confident in yourself.
  • You are consistent and better at finding solutions to problems.
  • You can turn difficulties into opportunities.
  • You are always climbing the stairs of personal growth.

Life without a Vision:

  • You leave things unfinished and cannot attain a sense of fulfillment.
  • You are jealous of others.
  • You idle your time away without specific goals.
  • You cannot feel happiness.
  • You cannot get what you want.
  • You do not feel like doing anything.
  • You care about outward appearances and saving face.
  • You cannot make up your mind and move forward.
  • Once you stumble, you cannot easily bounce back.

Now then…
Do you think you have a Vision or not? Which type of person are you? Please rate yourself. If you think you may be in the little/no Vision category, ask yourself again and again: “What thought do I carry around in my mind?” “What is the important thing for me?” or “ What do I want to accomplish in my life?”

Vision is a source of energy sure to draw you ever upwards.
Vision is a jewel of life.
Why not acquire it today?
There’s no time to waste.

Finally, reflect on this wonderful comment from an interview with the actress Ingrid Bergman:

Ingrid Bergman, the Swedish-born star of the famous movie “Casablanca” was known for wearing simple clothes, without accessories, in her private life. Asked why by a journalist, she simply replied: “I have no need to adorn myself with gems because I am the jewel.”
Bergman must have known what was the most important thing for her and how to express her own value.
No doubt she had a strong Vision.

That explains it.

I learned from Ingrid’s words… what it is like to have a Vision.