Clockwise-Turning Energy


Even if you have grasped and promoted a Vision, that alone is of no use.
Good results can be obtained only after you have absorbed and combusted the energy emitted from the Intangible Power that is the Vision. It is the same thing as regularly taking three meals a day to produce the energy and absorb the nutrients that give life to body and spirit.

First comes a Vision. But it is formless, hence un-seeable. All you have to do is make the Vision take shape. You take the first action. Results begin to flow. Not always good ones; but luckily you are free to return to where you started. You verify whether the objectives were far-reaching, whether the steps you took were wrong or not. The Vision cannot be altered; but the rest is subject to change at any time. 

The following is distilled from my experience working as the founding manager of a company:

・Vision        To Be Safe and Secure

・Objective      Always Confirm the Business Quality; High Safety Standards  
           Listen to the Opinions of External Institutions 
           Check Systems through a Third Party; Compliance Structure
                    Streamlined Management; Simplified Personnel System

[In other words, I did everything that logically contributed to the Vision: To Be Safe and Secure.]

・Means        Use a Wide Range of Information, Financial Resources, & Connections      
          Human Resources Based on Knowledge & Creativity       
           Sound Body & Mind to Make Correct Decisions 

・Action         Never Miss the Right Timing; All-Hands-On-Deck Operation
          Cooperative System, Driving Force, & Leadership

・Results       Good Results Not Necessarily Good; Too Much Reassurance Makes 
                      People Lazy, Performance Declines
                      Bad Results: Consolation Contest Possible; Self-Examination

                      New Goals Set, Feeding Back from Objectives

As you can see from the above summary, Energy flows clockwise, the same as in a high- pressure weather system (in the northern hemisphere). It is impossible to make it flow anti-clockwise. Actions, therefore, do not come before Means. Similarly, Actions do not succeed Results. It is important to connect all the parts logically to make a complete circle.

Suppose you have carefully weighed up a Vision and established a goal, but Energy does not flow as planned? There seem to be two main reasons for this, and some other factors.

Reason 1

Each part of the circle was not connected logically. Never take Actions that are inconsistent. Only when the parts of the circle are connected, will Energy begin to flow.

Reason 2

Without constant fine adjustments, the initial Vision was always being misplaced, leading you back to the starting point, until you gave up the plan.

Other Factors

・ Objective lacked concreteness. Be as concrete as possible, so everyone can understand.
・ Moneymaking cannot serve as a Vision or Objective.
・ You were too hasty about obtaining results.
・ Means were set wrong.
・ Timeframe was not properly set.
・ You adopted only a short-term view.
・ You were lacking in motivation to act.

Intangible Power is an invisible energy that has tremendous influence upon us.
Our world cannot exist without it. Politics, the economy, and life itself are no exceptions.
Individuals, management teams, and nations of the world are sure to benefit from Intangible Power by holding to a solid Vision and that fosters universal values such as happiness, peace, and friendship.

In our next session, we will consider, in depth, the reasons why moneymaking cannot serve as a Vision.