Delving into the Intangibles


Shall I talk about one more demon that torments the heart of human beings? It is the condition called “uneasiness.” If you were to say you have never felt it, that would make me all the more anxious––because the ability to feel anxiety is a privilege endowed only to the higher animals like us.

The energy of “uneasiness” does not flow in one direction but goes around in circles endlessly. You expend a tremendous amount of energy that seems to combust only incompletely. You cannot find any solution or answers. The reason for the impasse is that you are dealing with something that has never happened, a phantom that is unreal. You are at the mercy of a probability that is just too low. Things you are afraid of happening can happen, but they seldom do. The hit-rate is just 5 percent, according to a statistical study.

Let us consider the case that you are very worried about what the doctor might say. You are definitely uneasy, but even if the doctor declares you are suffering from a serious illness, once the diagnosis is made, that’s when your uneasiness stops; for now, at least, because you are faced with a fact, not a phantom.

Once freed from the negative Intangible Power called “uneasiness,” even if your previous anxiety was justified, you find yourself beginning to use the energy very well. Your energy is now flowing in one direction because you are trying to overcome the hard reality and find solutions to it. Now the energy has become intensive and something positive.  You can be more cool-headed than before and tackle the problem with a strong will you have not previously exerted. Now you are not alone, you have friends to help you, and this enables you to take determined, tangible actions.

People die sooner or later, that is inevitable. We cannot live forever, against the law of nature. So why not make a rule for yourself along the following lines?

   Don’t be absorbed deep in thought after dark.
   Try to remember, “Nobody knows about tomorrow.”
   Solutions cannot be found in thinking too much.
   Give thanks for being “here and now.”

Don’t cross a bridge until you come to it.
It’s silly to consume 95 percent of energy for the hit-rate of only 5 percent.
Take it easy.

“What will be, will be”––that’s how life should be.
Jettison the harmful Intangible Power once and for all, and feel yourself free and happy.