Delving into the Intangibles

   A friend indeed  

A true friend is someone you have chosen of your own free will.
So you are responsible for the relationship.

An acquaintance is someone you just happen to know.
The relationship is valid only for a limited time.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. My late husband often said, if you are ready to give up your life or money for a friend, then the friendship is real. It is a relationship between two hearts linked together by something intangible: compassion, chemistry, understanding or shared feelings, for example.

On the other hand, a mere friend or acquaintance is someone with whom you might have a common interest, an official or master-servant relationship, or a companion pursuing the same hobby, etcetera. This type of relationship is not permanent but just something convenient for a certain time. A business relationship, for instance, should be simple and cool.

You can get into trouble if you do not appreciate the distinction.

A relationship with a friend you have chosen will provide you with dreams, hopes and joys, guiding you in a positive direction. But you must take responsibility even if, after lasting a long time, it should happen to come to an end.

How many true friends do you have?

You can not make a true friend instantly.
It is a long process, requiring effort from you.
And it should not be a one-way street, of course.