Delving into the Intangibles

   How to be a good patient  

Nobody likes going to hospital.

Take just one step inside and you are surrounded by patients wearing gloomy and impatient faces. You wait long hours to see a doctor, make a payment or have your medication dispensed. All this produces a nasty aura that can affect you more than the illness itself.

A human being is an organic linkage of mind and body which are inseparable.
Therefore, there is a way to be a good patient, if you understand the way Intangible Power works.

It is a normal thing to describe symptoms to a doctor in order to obtain a medical opinion. But when you do, try to reveal everything, including the unobservable, that is afflicting you. It might be an unease, sorrow or set of circumstances you feel reluctant to mention to other people. A good doctor, sensitive to the Intangibles, will provide you, the good patient, with accurate diagnostic support and medication.

We should be on friendly terms with hospitals and doctors, building a firm relationship of trust.

Bare your heart not only to the stethoscope but to the doctor’s heart as well, and you are sure to feel genuinely relieved when you step outside the hospital again.