Delving into the Intangibles

   Corona and the Moon  

Under a microscope, the Coronavirus looks like a flower or a beautiful gem blooming in a kaleidoscope. This same “beauty” has scattered its demonic, intangible power throughout the world and terrified humanity. I have explored many facets of intangible power on my website, but since the world’s seven billion people have come to know all at once that such a mighty intangible power really exists, there is no need to write here about the fear it inspires.

I believe a virus or some other cosmic anomaly will finally bring about the demise of the human race. Viruses are getting stronger and appearing in new forms every year, and therapeutic treatments struggle to catch up; so the X-Day of human extinction may be coming sooner than we think. On the other hand, it will be another 2.5 billion years or so before the universe comes to an end. We inhabit the one planet in the Solar System that possesses life, in the miraculous habitable zone called the Earth, and we take this for granted. Instead, we reach out to other celestial objects and erect a flag to declare that We Earthlings have arrived, or we dig holes and scamper around looking for cashable minerals and other substances. If 10,000 tons of helium buried under the lunar soil could be brought back to Earth, it would satisfy all the energy needs of humankind for 100 years. If aluminum, titanium, and iron were also buried there, human greed would have no limits. How ungrateful we would be, however, should we overlook that the Moon is the planet of life for human beings by keeping the Earth on its tilted axis of rotation.

Humanity has invested grand dreams, hopes, adventures, futures, and challenges in the Space Race, which provides a blast of excitement for kids and adults alike. Then, out of nowhere, an invisible and evil Coronavirus suddenly appears. Is it not God's warning to us that we have become swollen-headed and arrogant?

Does it really matter if there is water on the moon or creatures on Mars? The comrades of Planet Earth maintain a "beautiful order" around the sun, while Earthlings "drill holes in the moon, pollute the universe, and spread garbage." Sooner or later, they may feel that earthbound viruses alone are not enough, and bring back viruses lurking on other planets, and be destroyed by them.

“The beautiful blue Earth is suffering from the spread of the Coronavirus; so be careful.”

Let's tell the Aliens out there that future moon landings have been suspended and the unmanned Mars mission has been postponed for the time being.

National crisis management is also being questioned. In the field of health care, the reality is that, even in developed countries, the infrastructure is not as well developed as we were led to believe. If there is just one "inspirational story" full of intangible power in the midst of the present difficulties, it concerns the people who are risking their lives to protect and treat the population. Those who act to preserve human life should be supported at the nation’s expense––before a cent is allocated to space exploration and defense spending. It is not enough to say “thank you.” Those involved in health care must be protected and rewarded at every turn. At this global turning point, it is time to think more deeply about what we should prioritize when framing budgets.

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