Delving into the Intangibles

   “Wait a minute!”  

According to the turn of the seasons, smart plants do not fail to sprout and blossom. In contrast, we are foolish enough not to wait for the right time, or rather take hasty actions. It seems that we don't know how to properly use the intangible energy that can be available for you, just by “waiting a minute.”

I have had a hard time, time and time again, by forgetting it.

Below are some recent examples that are not funny.  It may be a comedy to others, but to me it is a total tragedy.

I went to the doctor with an apron under my coat. The doctor said; “This is orthopedics. Neurology is across the corridor.” “Doctor, I'm here to take an x-ray of my foot.”

That’s no laughing matter. Next time, do I really need to go to the neurologist?

At the end of every year, I make it a rule to send some delicious Yamagata beef to my older brother in Himeji City.

There was a knock on my door.

A home delivery service Kuroneko Takkyubin brought a parcel. 

Oh, I wanted to send this to Himeji City. Isn't there a mistake?”

As it happens, I had written the same address of mine on invoice, as the sender and the recipient.

In the morning, I double-check to make sure the “electric blanket” is turned off. There is a reason for this: Two years ago, I left for a trip to Germany for three weeks without turning it off. It was only when I returned home from the airport, exhausted and threw myself on my bed with a bang, that I realized the blanket was dangerously hot. I was really relieved that it didn't catch fire.

I try to remember my self-made maxim “wait a minute,” when I talk to people. Otherwise, I might say whatever I want and spew irresponsible words.

With age comes a repertoire of “tragicomedies of failure.” I am always nervous that something irreversible may happen at any moment. At least before going to bed, I imitate the station attendant and say, “The stove is shut-out, OK. The refrigerator door is closed, All right.

The number of elderly people living alone is increasing. In order to avoid various dangers around us, including Ore-Ore-Sagi bank transfer scams, the principle of “wait a minute” is important.

An action of “waiting” has a great power to solve problems.

It is in this “invisible time-space” that “intangibles of benefit” are hidden. You can get them, if you are patient enough to wait just for seconds, hours, or a day.

  K.Yamakawa -Founder Feiler Japan       
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