Nothing can be achieved by oneself
Using Intangible Energy

Starting from scratch, I launched a new firm at a young age, with no money and no personal connections, and even no knowledge of management. But after forty years, I found I was a successful business entrepreneur directing one of the most recognized brands among Japanese ladies, with many good reasons to account for this “miraculous” presence.

What are the reasons?

Put simply, I think I made good use of the energy of “Intangible Power”. There is a limit to the power that a man can generate, but if his power is put together with other energy, and they fuse effectively, a kind of nuclear fission will result, opening up all kinds of possibilities further and further. That has been my experience, and by putting this simple method into practice in time I found myself on the road to success in business, benefiting myself as well as our corporate members.

But to achieve a good result we must keep in mind two fundamental attitudes: 1. Try to have penetrating eyes that really see things, people, and goods, and make this a routine: 2. Be humble enough to remember that the power any one person can yield is limited. It is not a handicap at all to lack money and knowledge, since I, for one, started from scratch.

Well, at the top of the list of the energies emanating from my cherished “Intangible Power” is “Vision”, which leads you in the direction you wish. Without a clear set direction, the precious energy you finally obtain will have nowhere to go, stall, and eventually fade away. Once given a definite direction, full-throttle energy is sure to get your life or business right to where it’s headed.

As nothing can be achieved alone, support from others or collaboration with other organizations will bring you several-fold power. I came to know this fact from experience and made it a basic philosophy of our firm, using a word from Zen wisdom, “Kanno-doko”: spiritual and spontaneous communication with Buddha.

The word “responsibility” might sound heavy to our ears these days, but we should remember that it is a big source of energy as well. It is not something to be grasped for when a problem crops up but rather an ongoing essential basis for carrying out our tasks. With this in mind, it is hardly possible for us to exhibit irresponsible behavior. If you make it a habit to use this energy, thereby reducing problems associated with legal compliance, thankfully new sources of energy such as “Trust” or “Confidence” will surely follow.

Looking back I realize I was lucky enough to start from scratch, having not a thing that was “tangible”.

Faced with difficulties in business, I used to think: In the providence of nature which direction would energy flow ? Water flows from a high to a low place. There is no beginning without an end. And I suddenly realized that the same principle could be applied to the flow of energy. It is the very same providence of nature at work in “Intangible Power”.

Energy is invisible but it exists. This revelation guided me at all times in my business and private life.

I won't rebuke you if you say you want to come out on top, earning much more money than others or standing out in whatever other “visible way”, but let me offer a friendly word of advice. You can hardly ever obtain a good result unless you use the energy from “Intangible Power”. If you overestimate the energy you believe you have, the fate that awaits you is a dreadful ending ruled by the negative intangible power called “Arrogance”. But, alas, the world seems to be taking this wrong course.

I hope you have already gained a glimpse of the world of “Intangible Power” and are curious to know more about it. Let us translate this abstract concept into easily understandable words such as “Vision”, “Kanno-doko”, “Trust”, “Confidence”, and “Effort” and think about its power and application.

“Intangible Power” is often found in financial terminology. Why not broaden its meaning to enrich your life and business further?

Kazuko Yamakawa